National Grant Allows School To Help Students In Crisis

Monday, August 6th 2018, 11:48 pm
By: News 9

Thanks to a grant, Oklahoma Centennial Mid-High School is helping students deal with their emotions in a healthy way.

As part of the Voice Project, students will learn project management and bring in guest presenters to teach them how to express themselves, so they won’t think about hurting themselves or others.

Each classroom will also have alternative seating, such as bean bags to create a ‘comfort corner’ for students experiencing crisis.

“So if they’re not in a place where they can learn, they can go there to get ready,” teacher Carrie Snyder-Renfro said.

The students will also receive recycled journals to write or draw.

Students are making denim pouches to hold their journals.

If you would like to donate blue jeans to the school, they can be dropped off at the main office located at 1301 NE 101st St, Oklahoma City, OK 73131.

“The LGBTQI students are the ones that are the focus group and so they are a big part of the grant, to help support their social emotional learning, dealing with trauma and crisis,” Snyder-Renfro said. “And then also just creating a larger community within our school where the diversity of all students is accepted, and everyone supports each other.”