Investigators Work To Track Down Edmond tire Theft Suspects

Friday, August 10th 2018, 10:23 pm
By: News 9

A couple of Edmond residents were shocked to find their cars lifted, and their wheels and tires gone.

They're now encouraging others to be on the lookout.

The victim's believe the thieves struck under the cover of night late Sunday or early Monday morning. In both cases the thieves made off with two wheels from each car.

“Both my side tires from my driver's side taken off my car they were jacked up and both taken right off,” said burglary victim Isiah Brown.

“It was sitting on this jack two tires missing,” said burglary victim Nikki Papin.

Brown says he's lived in these apartments near the University of Central Oklahoma campus for two years, and until now has never had any problems.

“I was stunned I was shocked, didn't expect anything like that to happen,” said Brown.

Papin says she was just as shocked after someone stole her daughter's tires right off of her car that was parked in their driveway near Coltrane and Covell.

“I was like are you kidding me right now, am I dreaming?” said Papin.

Both Brown and Papin say the thieves cost them a lot of time.

“Brand new wheels and tires, I had to scrounge around the entire city looking for wheels, looking for tires,” said Brown.

“She was not happy, she went two days without a car. It took an entire day to get it pieced back together,” said Papin.

Both victims were forced to come up with a lot of cash. Brown having to shell out $500 to replace his wheels and tires, Papin out $700.

“Something like this it definitely broke the bank for us, making it very difficult to pay those bills this month,” said Brown.

“It was very frustrating. We literally just did all the back to school shopping and it was just like wow now this,” said Papin.

Following the burglaries both Brown and Papin decided to invest in wheel locks.