Unconventional School Supply Drive For Wheeler Elementary School Staff

Sunday, August 12th 2018, 10:23 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

Hundreds of school supplies were collected for Wheeler Elementary in an unconventional drive Sunday evening.

“I think it's awesome. Half the people I don't even know but a bunch of my staff is here,” Wheeler Elementary School Principal Deserae Jackson said.

The school's principal couldn't stop smiling during the supply drive for her teachers at the Wheeler District Ferris wheel.              

“Every teacher spends so much of their own money buying supplies, so to take that off of them is awesome,” Jackson said.

The drive was organized by three friends, Ty Gatewood, Kyle Brown and Jake Triplett.

Gatewood and Brown are from Edmond.

The three bought a limousine in Maine to drive across the country, doing a good deed in each of the 48 mainland states.

Through all this, the friends hope to attract the attention of Ellen DeGeneres.

“It's one of those goals that if we succeed it's going to be funny and if we fail it might be funnier,” Brown said.

From the East Coast to the Midwest, the three friends have garnered thousands of Facebook followers, good deeds, and adventures.

When it was time to pass through home, Brown and Gatewood decided to throw together the Wheeler school supply drive.

“It really became evident how imperative it is that we increase funding but until that happens we need to support these schools,” Gatewood said.

The three friends will drop off the supplies at Wheeler Elementary Monday morning.