Attack Ads Released In Race For Governor

Monday, August 13th 2018, 11:53 pm
By: News 9

Days after the first negative attack in the race for Oklahoma Governor the other side is hitting back.

In an ad paid for by his campaign, Kevin Stitt says Mick Cornett was against President Trump and he backed sanctuary cities.

Mick Cornett is calling the ad a distortion of truths. He says he now has an obligation to set the record straight.

“It's very hurtful, very damaging, and should remind us what we don't like about politics,” Mick Cornett said.

After he was bashed in an ad paid for by a pro-Cornett PAC, Kevin Stitt's campaign team fired back with an ad of their own, claiming that Cornett doesn't support the President.

“Mayor Cornett didn’t back Trump for President. “I have not endorsed Donald Trump, said Cornett.”

Nor his stance on immigration.

“Cornett defended sanctuary cities and said building President Trump’s border wall quote ain’t going to get us anywhere.”

Cornett said the ad couldn't be further from the truth.

“Well I voted for President Trump,” Cornett said.

He also supports his stance on immigration--something he says he's been clear on from the beginning.

“Every single time I have asked the federal government to secure the border, secure it!” Cornett said.

Cornett says he's disappointed in the direction of the ads, saying it was always his intention to run a clean campaign that was focused on the people of Oklahoma.

“They're concerned with education, they're concerned about the budget and healthcare, they don’t want to put up with nonsense like this, but that’s what this has fallen into,” Cornett said.

A new poll released by the Remington Research Group shows Stitt leading Cornett by ten points. Cornett said his campaign team plans to respond to the latest ad.