Police Seek Motive In Luther High School Stabbing

Friday, August 17th 2018, 6:37 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

One day after the stabbing at Luther High School, the investigation continues. 

Police say during the first day of a school assembly Thursday, a 14-year-old boy pulled out a weapon.

"It was a pocket knife, a folding type pocket knife with a four-inch blade," Luther Police Chief David Randall said. 

Randall says the boy stabbed the girl in front of him repeatedly, in silence.

"From the statements that I have so far, he did not say a word," Randall said.

Witnesses say a teacher and students helped pull the suspect off the victim until emergency crews arrived. 

Randall says the suspect surrendered but expressed no signs of remorse. 

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Downtown business owner Beth Lafeve says she saw the suspect being lead into the police station downtown.

"He was not fighting or being aggressive in any way. He just walked in quietly."

Lafeve and several other Luther parents say they believe this was an isolated incident and they don't feel unsafe.

"Bad things are going to happen anywhere so I don't feel unsafe," Lafeve said.

School went on as normal with a police presence Friday. 

Randall says the district is considering adding a resource officer to school staff.

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"We were in plans and talks before this even happened," Randall said. 

The 14-year-old victim is stable according to police, recovering with family.

Now investigators are working to figure out why she was targeted.

"There was some connection back in seventh grade, may have been anything in reference to somebody had a crush and was rejected," Randall said.

The suspect will remain at the Juvenile Detention Center until the judge decides whether or not he'll be tried as an adult.