Stitt Calls Attack Ads Poking Fun At His Name 'Ridiculous'

Tuesday, August 21st 2018, 7:23 pm
By: Emory Bryan

In one week, voters will go to the polls and decide which Republican in the governor’s race will advance to the November election.

Candidate Kevin Stitt said he was glad to get the endorsement of former Senator Tom Coburn a week out from the election.

Tuesday, Stitt was in between campaign stops and writing out notes to supporters and donors to his campaign. He said a lot of people are asking about the attack ads that mention his name.

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"I think it's ridiculous to make fun of someone's name and use a cuss word to do it, and I think it's going to backfire on him,” Stitt said.

But Stitt said he's trying to keep the campaign focused on changing Oklahoma's government.

Tuesday, Governor Mary Fallin reported state tax income has sharply increased and the rainy-day fund is up to $450 million. But, Stitt said Oklahoma is already spending enough.

"We actually spend $1,500 more per person in Oklahoma than they do in the state of Texas, so, yes, there is enough money. It is a structural problem and there is a lot of inefficiencies and the accountability is not there, and I'm going to bring that to state government," said Stitt.

Tuesday evening, Stitt is meeting supporters and raising money at a home in south Tulsa.

Stitt also said Tuesday he’s stepped aside from his company and if elected he'll ask the Attorney General for an opinion on what else he needs to do to avoid any conflict.

News 9 and News On 6 will feature stories on the Stitt and Cornett campaigns leading up to the runoff election on August 28, 2018.