Groundbreaking Technology Helping Lower Amputations In The Metro

Wednesday, August 22nd 2018, 8:34 am
By: News 9

One doctor in Oklahoma is on the national radar for a groundbreaking technology helping lower the number of amputations in the metro.

There are several risk factors for PAD including smoking diabetes and obesity.

Researchers say Oklahoma has one of the highest percentages of patients who are suffering from it.

Destruction of Arteriosclerosis by laser Radiation Ablation or DABRA it's a mouthful but also a procedure that's changing lives for the better right here in Oklahoma City.

The Dabra outpatient procedure involves using a high power laser to vaporize plaque blockages in leg arteries.

Left unchecked, those blockages could cause some serious problems.

"It limits blood flow and the complications are people develop gangrene in their feet people develop ulcers that don't heal and ultimately that can lead to amputation if the circulation is not good enough. There's no way for that area to heal," said Dr. Chigurupati Ramana, Interventional Radiologist. 

Ramana recommends positive lifestyle changes and in some cases medication to help prevent occurrences of PAD following the procedure.