Hunter Says 'No Hard Feelings' After Drummond Concedes AG Race

Wednesday, August 29th 2018, 7:00 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

The challenger for the Republican nod for State Attorney General is conceding, even though only a couple hundred votes separated the candidates. 

Just 269 votes separated challenger Gentner Drummond and incumbent attorney general Mike Hunter. Still, Drummond decided to quit the fight.

"I am a fighter. I'm not going to stop fighting until the last vote is counted,” Drummond said Tuesday night when asked whether he’d demand a recount.

Wednesday, he said, "After considering whether to seek a recount and researching what that would entail, I have decided instead we would concede the election today."

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Here’s the kicker: There are still provisional ballots that haven’t yet been counted.

"Total statewide of the number of provisional ballots that were returned is a little under 400, and the counties are still doing their reviews so that could change a little bit,” said Paul Ziriax with the State Election Board.

That means there was a chance Drummond could have pulled off a win if he had pushed for a recount.

News 9 asked Hunter, "Had the shoe been on the other foot, would you have conceded?”

Hunter responded, “Possibly. At this point it's really a math equation…So that was what mister Drummond shared with me. That he didn't see the math working for him."

Both candidates say they hope to put the contentious campaign behind them and mend the rift in the Republican party leading up to the November general election.

“No hard feelings,” said Hunter.

Hunter will face Democrat Mark Myles in the November 6 general election.