Oklahoma Nurse Fired For Snapchat Post About Native Americans

Tuesday, September 4th 2018, 10:32 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma nurse is under fire following a leaked Snapchat comment targeting Native Americans.

Nurse Jill  White snapped a photo of herself, captioning it "My fake smile. Excited to go make sure a bunch of fat natives don't stroke out playing softball. With no shoes or shirts on. "

The racially charged words are taking social media by storm, being shared thousands of times.

“We live in a state made pretty much of several native tribes and me being native I thought wow that's pretty brave for a woman to post that,” said Jade Taylor. 

A friend of White’s told News 9 the nurse, employed by the Choctaw Nation, was fired first thing Tuesday morning.

In hundreds of posts to social media the nurse’s life was threatened, while others called for her job, one person even compared her to Hitler.

“I think the death threats, or threats are going too far. I think people are exercising their freedom of speech just a little too much ,” said Taylor.

But in another post, one picturing an email addressed  to the Chief of the Choctaw Nation, Garry Batton an unidentified person, a native,  came to the nurses defense, claiming everything had been blown out of proportion.

He said the nurse had just repeated a comment he jokingly made regarding himself and his wife. He said it was in no way directed at the Choctaw people.

In a statement, Chief Gary Batton said he was  aware of the situation, and that it was being handled appropriately.