Banks Of Oklahoma River To Be Transformed With Trees

Thursday, September 13th 2018, 6:06 pm
By: Karl Torp

The banks along a stretch of the Oklahoma River are about to go through a major transformation. The hope is to turn the area into a place for families.

Right now, the trail on the northside of the river is bare of many trees. Next month after the first freeze, bare will turn bountiful when 1,000 trees are planted.

“A lot of them are native trees and a lot of them are very proven trees,” said OKC Community Foundation head of the Parks and Public Spaces Brian Dougherty.

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation is marking 50 years next year with a project that reflects its longevity.

One thousand 10 to 12-foot tall trees will be planted along the northside of the river from Harvey to Portland, a 3.5-mile stretch.

Wild flowers and grasses will also help change the terrain.

“The city has already made a big investment. If we could just plant some trees, we would really activate this area,” said OKC Community Foundation President Nancy Anthony.

The planting is expected to start in late October and go until March.

OKC City Council still has to approve the $500,000 project paid for through donations.