OKC Man Breaks Both Arms In Scooter Accident

Friday, September 14th 2018, 5:39 pm
By: News 9

The controversial electric scooters have been in the talks since day one. They came to Oklahoma City without a proper permit. And now a man is dealing with injuries.

Jacob Davis was in downtown Oklahoma City with his cousin just yesterday, when they came across two electric scooters. They decided to take them for a spin.

Davis was just one mile away from his destination, when he hit a metal drain pipe, causing him to break the radius in both arms toward the elbow.

“Just went flat over my handle bars. Stopped my wheel, and my hands went out I think my arms locked. And I got my face a little bit. But 95 percent of the impact hit my arms. My locked arms,” Davis said.

Davis is a father of two, whose youngest is an infant. Due to the accident, his arms are almost immobile.

“I can't really do anything. I can't hold my 5-month-old baby, so that's rough. I can't help my wife around the house. And my first week of self-employment at home, so it's not going particularly as planned. But stuff happens, and you move on,” Davis said.

Bird was the first motorized scooter company to land in OKC in the beginning of August.

Since then, they have filled out the proper paperwork in order to be in Oklahoma City legally.

Cities across the United States have had to deal with many issues because of electric scooters. But the most recent is the uptick in injuries seen in emergency rooms.

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“I think part of it is inexperience. People are not used to riding these,” Dr. Nathan Newman with Santa Monica Urgent Care, said.

His urgent care facility out of Santa Monica, California has treated hundreds of scooter patients.

“If I see only a one a day, that’s kind of the norm. If I don’t see more than one a day I’m really surprised,” Dr. Newman said.