Disturbing Surveillance Video Shows Deadly Shooting At El Reno Gas Station

Monday, September 17th 2018, 10:03 pm
By: News 9

Moments after an El Reno man was gunned down in a gas station parking lot police say Good Samaritans leapt into action, putting their own lives at risk.

Their efforts to stop a gunman were captured on video.

Police are only releasing a portion of the Sept. 14 shooting. In it police say it's clear the gunman was determined to kill.

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The video captured the victim, Ryan Johnson's last moments.

“You see a man whose life is taken right before your eyes,” El Reno Police Lt. Van Gillock said.

Gillock says as Johnson was exiting the gas station, 25-year-old Zachary Huber was lurking, watching, and waiting.

“It does seem like for some reason he was locked in on this particular person,” Gillock said.

Police say Huber exited his black Impala, took aim and fired, surprising Johnson before firing over and over again.

“He started shooting from his vehicle at the gas pumps towards the store where the vehicle was parked with the victim, then he continued to move forward getting closer and closer to the victim as he fired,” Gillock said.

All the while police say a packed parking lot watched in horror. After gunning down his victim Huber got back into his car and drove away. In a desperate attempt to stop him a man dives onto his vehicle.

“Another person who pulled in at the gas pumps jumps out, runs and jumps onto the hood of the vehicle as he’s leaving, he's kind of tossed into the roadway,” Gillock said.

Police say another Good Samaritan rear ended the driver to no avail. But police say because of the surveillance video and multiple eyewitnesses they were able to track Huber to his home before he could hurt anyone else.

“There was a lot of concern that he might escalate and move to more targets, a place where there were several targets at one time,” Gillock said.

Police said they have not been able to make any connection between Huber and his victim. However, they say Huber has been in jail before and police believe he may have played a role in two recent drive-by shootings.

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