OKC Mom Upset With How Principal Handled Fight Involving Her Kids

Thursday, September 20th 2018, 7:10 pm
By: News 9

A metro mother is upset with how school staff at Emerson South alternative school handled a fight and threats on Monday that involved her kids.

Linda Truitt said the school never notified her about the fight and she did not know police were involved until late in the day.

“If they would have contacted me,” said Truitt. “All of this would have been avoided.”

Truitt does not deny her two kids were involved in the fight. She said it happened around 3 p.m., but she didn’t find out until her son and arresting officer told her around 5 p.m.

  “My two kids and the other two kids were already handcuffed in the police car,” said Truitt.

She said the students were locked out of the school after the fight.

The students are accused of beating on the windows and making violent threats.

“They were making threatening statements to the principal,” said Officer Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Threatening to kill him and shoot up the school.”

Oklahoma City Public School district officials said Truitt's daughter ran out of the school after the fight. The principal tried to de-escalate the students' reactions but could not and followed district policy as mentioned in a statement from district officials.

"Any statement that might threaten, or even imitate a threat to our children or staff is prohibited, and the incident will be handled in accordance with district's Student Code of Conduct."

Truitt's two children were arrested along with two other students. She believed the school could have prevented the situation.

“The kids should not have been kicked out of the school period,” said Truitt. “Until a parent was notified.”

Truitt's kids are being held in the county juvenile detention center, each have a $5,000 bond.