Oklahoma Woman Starts Non-Profit To Provide Socks To Students In Need

Monday, September 24th 2018, 6:34 pm
By: Karl Torp

A local woman hopes people open their hearts by thinking of their feet.

For years, Traci Lindsey has driven around downtown Oklahoma City on her way to and from work, handing out new socks to homeless people.

“You don't have to drive around long very far in Oklahoma City to find someone who needs socks,” says Lindsey, who works as a home health nurse.

Lindsey has a friend who is a school teacher in Purcell and heard how some students didn’t have socks.

“There’s five schools and in only one of the schools there’s 22 kids who need socks,” says Lindsey.

So, Lindsey started the non-profit “Kozee Toes”, which collects and delivers socks to the less fortunate.

Lindsey had a goal of 200 pairs of socks donated but surpassed that in two months.

She hopes to now get 300 pairs of socks and is reaching out to metro schools.

You can learn more at the Kozee Toes Facebook page. Click here.