New Age Limits To Sell Strong Beer, Wine In Oklahoma

Monday, September 24th 2018, 7:13 pm

One week from Monday, September 24, you will be able to buy high-point beer and wine at grocery and convenience stores. But buying high-point beer and wine isn't the only thing that's different. Who can sell it to you is also changing.

Everyone who sells high-point beer and liquor will now have to be 18 and have a liquor license. That will include both convenience store and a grocery store employees.

On Monday, October 1, high-point beer will finally fill grocery store coolers and shelves. Stores like Walmart have been getting ready for months.

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“We had to redo every single isle in groceries,” said Michelle Kent, the Manager of the Walmart at 3301 SW 104th Street. “I know it’s a lot of work, but it will be worth it in the end to get 36 feet of wine and we’re going to have an additional three more coolers installed by October.”

They also had to make sure every employee who will be selling the high-point beer and wine has a liquor license.

The Oklahoma ABLE commission will process about 100,000 applications for liquor licenses. Every person who gets a license has to be 18 and have a background check.

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Employees also have to go through training.

“Look for fake ID’s and how to do that, ask questions that are important, how to recognize if someone is intoxicated or not. So, it gives them a lot of information that they really should be looking for if they’re selling alcohol for a living,” said Erik Smoot with the ABLE Commission.

Walmart and other retailers, however, say that doesn't mean they won't employ teenagers under 18, but they will not be able to sell you beer and wine.

“Our minors will have to do what is called an action code at the register which will prompt for a customer service manager to come up there and finish up the transaction,” said Kent.

To sell wine, beer or alcohol at a liquor store you have to be 21.