OKC City Council Debates Regulations For Airbnb

Tuesday, September 25th 2018, 4:25 pm
By: Karl Torp

As home sharing becomes more popular, Oklahoma City has tried to figure out how to keep track of companies like Airbnb.

The City has wanted some sort of regulation and registry for more than a year.

The City is proposing a $1,200 permit fee for operators.

On Tuesday, the issue was debated at OKC City Council.

One group says it’s a homeowner’s issue and people should have the right to decide how to use their own homes.

“Since I have been an Airbnb host of three properties, I haven’t had one single complaint,” says Rob Littlefield.

“We’ve looked at the OKC crime records for the past five years, there have been no complaints about Airbnb,” says Attorney Cameron Spradling, who told City Council there at 300 Airbnb properties in OKC.

Meanwhile, Heritage Hills and Edgemere Park neighborhoods had representatives at the meeting. Both historical preservation neighborhoods believe there should be some regulation. 

Both neighborhoods agree that the City’s proposed $1,200 permit fee to be a host should be reduced to $300.

"We view Airbnb as a change in use. Anytime you have a change in use, neighbors are entitled to notice," says Attorney David Box, who represents Heritage Hills neighbors.

No action has been taken by City Council.