Trailer, ATVs Stolen From Shawnee Woman's Driveway

Tuesday, September 25th 2018, 10:28 pm
By: News 9

A Shawnee mother says her peace of mind has been violated after three ATVs and a trailer were stolen from her driveway.

When Crystal Rose returned home from celebrating her son’s birthday Sunday, she says she immediately noticed something was wrong.

“I knew as soon as I pulled up.” Rose said. “I usually pull my vehicle in front of it. It wasn’t there for me to park my vehicle in front of.”

Her family’s Polaris, two four-wheelers, and the trailer they were on, were gone.

“It’s scary to know that nothing scared them off. And it breaks my heart to know that, you know we work hard for our stuff and it’s just gone,” Rose said.

There was no video surveillance, or witnesses at the scene, but scrape marks can be seen leaving her driveway.

Rose says it's very likely the scrapes came from the suspect, or suspects, not jacking the trailer high enough.

“I always jack my trailers all the way down just because of something like this, it gives them more time to jack it up,” Rose said.

But it didn't stop them from taking off with everything. Rose called the police, and they assessed the scene. She also filled out four Larceny of Motor Vehicle reports with Shawnee Police.

“My hope is to hopefully get them all back, so I can be able to tell my son, ‘hey we got them back.’ Also, I want people to be aware you know? Around this area, it’s happened to me, it can happen to anybody,” Rose said.  

Rose says she worries for the safety of whoever the suspects may end up selling the vehicles to. There is a no-ride recall on one of the ATV's on her trailer, due to concerns of a malfunction.

Shawnee Police asks that anyone with information regarding this crime call the department.