Oklahoma County Theft Ring Targets Multiple Victims

Friday, September 28th 2018, 10:50 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

The Oklahoma County Sherriff’s Office searched a property near Northeast 36th Street and North Choctaw Road Thursday afternoon for stolen merchandise.

Over the past few hours, deputies have confirmed they found many items at that home that could be connected to several burglary cases in the area.  

As of Friday morning, the sheriff’s office said they did file a search warrant to examine a second property related to the case. Adding, there are now multiple suspects in the case.

“Right now, we are just waiting to see where those interviews lead us, to see what kind of charges we will file,” said Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Mark Opgrande.

One victim, Brady Stallings, told News 9 that the accused thieves stole items worth more than $25,000 dollars from his home in Harrah.

He said he was in the process of moving, and had not even unpacked his boxes before thieves scooped them up earlier this month.

Stallings said they hit his home twice.

“We will never replace the photo albums, pictures, the wedding memorabilia. Things that can't be replaced,” said Stallings. “Nobody deserves that. For people that work hard for everything they have...to have it taken away, just like that.”

Stallings is still missing many of his belongings.

He says almost all of his children’s clothing was taken by the thieves.

However, his kids were also able to help break the case. As it turns out, what eventually lead to the search warrant was a special item that belonged to one of his daughters.

The family was scrolling through local online shopping sites, hoping to find their missing items, when they stumbled upon their 30th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Doll.

They said they knew it was theirs because one of their children had used a marker to scribble dots onto the dolls head.

“Cabbage Patch Doll that happened to be drawn on, that my daughter recognized,” said Stallings. 

Deputies said they believe there are multiple victims.

The department adds there could be arrests within the next few days.

They ask anyone with more information to come forward in the case.