Man Caught On Camera Stealing Hundred Of Dollars From Metro ATM

Monday, October 1st 2018, 10:54 pm
By: News 9

A man armed with a fake credit card was caught on camera withdrawing hundreds of dollars from an Oklahoma City ATM.

Investigators believe he's on the move and could be looking to score again.

Credit card skimming is a crime law enforcement is having a hard time staying ahead of.

“This crime is happening all the time, there’s people in our own department that have had this happen to them before,” said Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department PIO Mark Opgrande.

Opgrande says the man seen in the image is one of many criminals looking to cash in at someone else's expense.

In many cases armed with skimmers and fake credit cards, Opgrande says thieves can make off with thousands of dollars in a matter of seconds. 

“They are also getting your pin number as well, so then they create the credit card or the debit card and go to the bank and make a withdrawal,” Opgrande said.

Since the image was captured, Opgrande says the man has popped up at other ATMS, including one out of state.

“In a lot of these cases they don’t just hit one spot, they'll hit a bunch of areas around the metro, they are getting the credit card numbers, maybe they're skimming the numbers somehow,” Opgrande said.

And while investigators aren't sure how this account number was lifted, Opgrande recommends always visiting your regular ATM and keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.

“I always go up to it, even at the gas station and just kind of pull on it and look inside cause a lot of times it’s just a thin piece of plastic that they slip inside there,” Opgrande said.

Several similar crimes are also under investigation in Norman. Police say three men targeted several ATM’s, making off with thousands of dollars.