City To Repair Damaged Lights After Man Electrocuted In Bricktown Canal

Tuesday, October 2nd 2018, 6:08 pm
By: Karl Torp

Two days after Wesley Seeley was electrocuted in the Bricktown canal when a light pole gave way, several other light poles are still loose.

The worst one is now marked with caution tape.

City contractors say of more than 80 lights, 16 need to be repaired, and two are damaged beyond repair and had to be capped.

The City says after this tragedy, it’s now looking at replacing the 20-year-old system.

“It’s having 270 volts this close to water, I think that's the biggest issue,” says OKC Director of Parks Doug Kupper.

The City says the system is so old, it can't be retrofitted with technology that would trip the power and prevent an electrocution.

Meanwhile, OKC Spokesperson Kristy Yager says it could be days before the repairs are complete and the poles aren’t moving.

While more than a dozen poles may still be wobbly, the City plans to turn on the lights at night along the canal.

It says it’s too dangerous to not have any light along the canal.

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