Truck Driver Arrested, Accused Of Threatening President, Police

Tuesday, November 13th 2018, 10:48 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

News 9 has learned starling new details surrounding a mysterious traffic stop of a semi Friday near I-240 and Pennsylvania Avenue.

Court documents state 50-year-old Harold Wayne Vandenburg was the man taken into custody, after investigators said they caught him making threats against law enforcement and President Donald Trump starting in late October.

The threats were documented in phone calls that Vandenburg was describing to his wife, Anissa Vandenburg, who was being jailed in Oklahoma County.

Anissa made at least 18 calls from the jail to her husband from October 30 to November 8.

Harold Wayne Vandenburg was arrested on November 9.

He made several threats detailed in the court documents, saying things such as, "I am coming to the Oklahoma County Courthouse" and "I've got a gun, and I've bought me a f****** gun, and I am going hunting when I get back to Oklahoma City."

"..going to kill every cop in the State of Oklahoma including the Federal Bureau of Investigation."

Harold Wayne Vandenburg also threatened to kill a specific Secret Service Task Force member at least nine times.

There are many more threats described in the documents.

Court records reveal that the FBI, OHP, OCPD and Secret Service asked Harold Wayne Vandenburg’s employer about his schedule so that they could make the arrest.

As for Harold’s wife, Anissa Vandenburg, online court records show that she has multiple convictions in multiple counties for writing bad checks.

Divorce documents were filed by Anissa in August, but records show the case status is pending.

While she was in jail investigators said that Harold Wayne told his wife, "I want those m*****f****** to come and arrest me, because without you, I don't care about f****** living anymore."

Both are now locked up in the Oklahoma County Jail.

The day before he was arrested he reportedly told his wife, "I'm going to blow the f****** White House up. I'm going to kill the f****** president of the United f****** States, that’s what I am going to do. I’m going to kill that God D*** Trump, he’s a sorry m***** f*****."

Harold Wayne Vandenburg is already a felon. He was previously convicted for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in Bryan County, and for escape from a confinement in Atoka County, among other crimes.

Investigators also said that Harold Wayne Vandenburg got in touch with a funeral home located in Durant before his arrest.

They wrote in court documents that he wanted to make pre-paid arrangements for his own death.