OKC Liquor Store Owner Fed Up After Thieves Rob Him At Gunpoint

Thursday, November 15th 2018, 10:36 pm
By: News 9

The owner of an Oklahoma City liquor store is fed up with thieves after being robbed Wednesday.

Police say two men walked into the store near Northwest 10th Street and North May Avenue, stole items, and when confronted pointed a gun in the owner’s face.

Manning the store 11 hours a day, 6 days a week, is owner George Eids.

“It's like anyone and everyone, I work hard for a living it doesn’t come easy,”  Eids.

He was working Wednesday night when he says two men walked in and filled their jackets with liquor. Instinctively Eids says he went after them.

“I followed them, and everybody was trying to chase and stop them, but nothing we can do,” he said.

But instead of surrendering the stolen goods one of them pulled out a gun.

“It does not make any difference how big and tough you are, I’ll do the best I can,” said Eids.

The thieves got away, but Eids hopes it won't be long before they're caught, thanks to their pictures caught on camera.  

“Don’t come and rip me off, because you are on a camera any direction,” said Eids.

Eids has been robbed before, and as a result installed surveillance cameras throughout the store. But he says undeterred thieves have forced him to consider hiring security to protect himself and his store.

“I'm not making an arm and leg. My pockets aren't full of money. I'm trying to survive a living,” he said. 

Eids says won't tolerate thieves, and will do whatever it takes to help police get them identified and arrested.