Residents Upset After Drone Video Captures Delivery Driver Hurling Packages In Newcastle

Tuesday, November 20th 2018, 10:57 pm
By: News 9

Amazon customers in a Newcastle neighborhood aren't happy after their packages barely made it onto their property.

A man captured an Amazon delivery woman on his drone hurling packages from her van.

Neighbors aren't sure if the delivery woman was in a rush to get home or up against a deadline. Either way, they want her to slow down.

Armed with his drone, Jon Askins says his trip home for the holidays helped solve a neighborhood mystery.

“We're finding packages by the road all over the neighborhood,” said Askins.

His father Terry Brown says the drone was up and going when an Amazon van pulled into his driveway.

“Shot putted it. She just heaved it out of the car is what it looked like,” said Terry Brown.

And when the intended Christmas present didn't quite make it far enough up the drive-way, Askins said, “She got out, walked up another six feet and threw it again.”

The delivery woman left the package where it landed, directly behind a vehicle.

Askins’ neighbors got similar service.

“The next house, she got up and ran towards the door and flung the package. And the third house, she didn’t even bother getting out and just launched the package from the door,” said Askins.

“That is so crazy. Oh, my God,” said neighbor Alonso Fablea.

Fablea says the video explains a lot.

Tuesday afternoon a baby car seat cover his wife ordered, was found at the end of his street.

“I thought it flew off or something,” said Fablea.

Brown says he understands time is money.

“Maybe they need to slow down just a shade, because we did not pay for any air mail,” said Brown.

But he misses the days where people took their time and took pride in what they did.

“I was raised in aa different generation. I started throwing papers in the 5th grade and my dad told me people expect the newspaper on their porch. And if I missed, I stopped and picked it up and put it on the porch. They couldn’t even get it to the porch,” said Brown.