Lawton Man Whose Dog Was Beaten Charged With Second Degree Murder

Friday, December 14th 2018, 10:34 pm
By: News 9

A Lawton man whose dog recently captured the hearts of thousands is charged with second degree murder.

David Winbush is accused of gunning down a 15-year-old boy early Sunday morning. According to a report, Winbush shot the victim after he caught the teen and three others joyriding in his stolen pickup.

Windbush is currently being held on a $250 thousand bond, just two months after an Oklahoma City vet treated his dog pro bono and a GoFundMe raised nearly $10 thousand for the dog's after care.

His plea for help struck a chord.

“I don’t want to have sprocket put down. I will do everything in my power to fix him to where he can walk again,” said Winbush.

After Sprocket suffered two broken legs at the hands of his 8-year old neighbor, a cash strapped Winbush told News 9 he'd do just about anything to get Sprocket help.

“I just don’t know what to do, I mean I have things to sell, I’ll sell my pickup it don’t matter to me, that’s my buddy,” said Winbush.

It's that pickup that police say was stolen late Saturday or Sunday morning. According to reports, Winbush came home and found it missing. Turning to his surveillance cameras the report states Winbush observed the theft transpire on his home security system.

Shortly after his friend contacted him and said he had the truck stopped. Armed with a gun, Winbush went to the scene where he found 15-year old Brian Brown Junior face down on the ground. Winbush says as he ran toward him, Brown jumped up and placed his hands in his hoodie. From 3-4 feet away, Windbush says that's when he shot the teen as he started to extend his arms. Winbush told police he was "paranoid" and "freaked out" shooting Brown again as he turned to run away.

According to police Brown was one of three passengers in the truck. The driver was arrested and charged with possession of stolen property.



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