OKC Police Chief Bill Citty Gives Parting Words At Retirement Announcement

Thursday, January 24th 2019, 5:39 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

After 15 years, Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty announced his retirement Thursday, effective in May. 

“I've been blessed to have been in this department for forty years, and I don't know blessed or luck to have been chief for 15 years,” Citty said.

Thanking his wife, city colleagues and staff, Citty said he’s leaving on his own terms, with no regrets.       

“We were really trying to leave January 2020. For a variety of personal reasons, but this is about six months earlier,” Citty said.

Citty says the least of those reasons are conflicts, including the ethics complaint he was cleared in last month.       

“In 15 years as chief, I'm not always right and the chief has to be subject to criticism,” Citty said.

Citty says he's choosing to leave on a positive note.

He celebrates professional victories, building the current headquarters building and expanding the criminal intel unit.

However, Citty says his greatest accomplishments have been a team effort with his staff.          

“The character of this police department, the openness of this police department, started a long time before I became chief and it's going to last a long time after,” Citty said.

The city manager will hire the new chief following a nationwide search.