Governor Stitt Says First Executive Orders Will Save The State Money

Thursday, January 24th 2019, 5:53 pm

Ten days into the job, Governor Kevin Stitt announced he would be signing his first executive orders. 

The governor is signing an executive order naming his cabinet and keeping the hiring freeze on most state employees. He’s also signing an executive order preventing state agencies from hiring third party lobbyists.

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"On my first day as governor I was tasked with researching how many state agencies contract with outside lobbyists. And I was shocked to find, and Oklahomans I’m sure will be shocked to find, I couldn't find out the information. I couldn't find out how many state agencies are hiring third party lobbyists,” said Stitt.

Flanked by state representatives, the governor said there’s no reason for agencies to hire lobbyists.

"It's frightening to think that one of our agencies would hire a third-party lobbyist, that then turns around and lobby’s these gentlemen behind me,” said Stitt.

Stitt is giving agencies until March to come up with lists of which lobbyists they’ve hired and how much that’s cost since 2015.

Stitt says he also plans to sell the governors private plane, the Spirit of Oklahoma.

"There’s already a helicopter that I can fly if we need to get to different places in the state. The National Guard has a helicopter that they take the governor if there’s a national disaster. OHP has a helicopter. OHP has Cessna 172's which are single engines,” said Stitt.

The governor says that would save the state about a million dollars a year. Other governors have come under fire for using the private planes for personal vacations.

Incoming state lawmakers applaud the governor’s executive orders, especially the plan to sell the plane.

"Hey, I'm excited about that,” said Representative Tom Gann (R) Wagoner. “If that guy needs a ride anywhere in the state, I'll take him wherever he needs to go."

The governor says if he has to fly out of state, he’ll fly commercial. 


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