OKC Police Pursuit Ends In Head-On Crash; Suspect In Custody

Monday, February 4th 2019, 5:11 pm
By: News 9

Two people are lucky to be alive after a wild driver ran straight into them. Police say the offender was running from them before crashing out near Southeast 44th and Eastern Avenue. 

According to police, the driver of the Ford pickup was initially stopped by a motorcycle cop for driving too fast.

“I want to say 86 or 87 in a 60 on I-35,” said Oklahoma City Police Lt. Jeff Padgett.

Lt. Padgett says the motorcycle officer made contact with the driver and after running a routine background check, he planned to cut him loose.

“Driver was clear of warrants, had a valid driver’s license. He had him return to his truck and was going to issue him a citation for speeding,” said Lt. Padgett.

But before the officer could issue the ticket, other officers arrived on the scene.

“At that point, a couple patrol cars going down I-44 stopped to check on the motorcycle officer to see if he needed help,” said Lt. Padgett.

Lt. Padgett says as the officers visited, the pickup driver surprised them all and took off.

“He said nothing like this had happened to him before,” said Lt. Padgett.

While eastbound on I-44, getting less than a mile down the road, police say the driver slammed into a Chevrolet pickup.

“I know he ran the red light, he changed lanes and hit her head-on,” said Lt. Padgett.

The female driver and her passenger were taken to the hospital.

Police are hoping a search of the suspect's pickup provides some explanation as to why he ran.

“We will impound the vehicle and see if there’s anything in it that might tell us why he ran,” said Lt. Padgett.

Police have not released the identity of the driver. He was checked out and then booked in to jail.

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