Yukon Crossing Guard Saves Elementary School Student's Life

Friday, February 8th 2019, 8:24 pm

A Yukon school crossing guard is being credited for saving the life of an elementary student.

Jim Hyatt has worked as a crossing guard at Yukon’s Lakeview Elementary School for nearly two years.

Around two weeks ago, Hyatt spotted a vehicle near the entrance of the school speeding through a red light on South Yukon Parkway.

As soon as the vehicle sped through the red light, the worst possible thing that could have happened did.

“A student took a step towards the street and at that time I went ahead and put my arm out and kept him from moving any further, then of course the car went by,” said Hyatt.

Watching it all unfold from his vehicle was off duty Yukon Police officer Clayton Rush. He was certain the worst was about to happen.

“The impact would have resulted in the child's death,” said Rush.

Officer Rush would know. His responsibilities with Yukon Police includes processing fatal vehicle crashes in Yukon city limits.

“The monotony of day in and day out, kids obeying doing what they are supposed to do when they cross the crosswalk,” said Rush. “To go from that to a split second reaction to spin around and grab that child with one hand, I was impressed.”

Coming from a man who’s been hit by a car himself, Hyatt stresses caution to drivers.

“Children are not always alert, they (drivers) need to be the ones that are alert,” said Hyatt.

Hyatt says he’ll work as a crossing guard at Lakeview Elementary Schools for as long as it’s principal, Scott Hein, will allow him to.

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