Sentencing Hearing Continues For Teen In Library Shooting That Left 2 Dead

Thursday, February 14th 2019, 11:01 am
By: News 9

The sentencing hearing for Nathaniel Jouett, the shooter who opened fire in a Clovis, New Mexico library, killing two and injuring four others began Monday in Portales.

It has been an emotional day for many people who are having to relive the moments Jouett opened fire in August of 2017. Monday in court Jouett broke down in tears after surveillance video from the incident was played for the first time.

In the video, you can hear Jouett opening fire and see people trying to hide behind the circulation desk. Seconds later Jouett proceeded to another desk where he shot and killed two librarians and injured four others.

The state is requesting Jouett be sentenced as an adult to 96 years behind bars, but he could face as little as probation.

Monday, several surviving victims got the chance to read aloud an impact statement to the court.

"When he entered the library, we made eye contact, and I smiled at him. Nobody did anything to provoke his actions," said victim Alexis Molina. "Since August 28 2017, I have lost the ability of my emotions. You know don't how badly I wish I could have control."

"My scars are a constant reminder of that tragic day, yet the healing of my fractured bone and the visible scars are nothing compared to the piece of my heart that was taken from me that day,” said victim Jessica Thron.

They also called a clinical psychologist who assessed Jouett, as well as investigators to the stand to map out the moments leading up to the shooting.

They say Jouett was suspended from school the day of the shooting after getting into a fight the Friday before. Minutes before the shooting, he also made a few confessional videos apologizing to his family for what was about to unfold. 

"I think I'm going to just walk to the high school and open fire in our class. If not, I'm probably going to start at Allsups," said Jouett in the video.

Jouett also admitted to not knowing who he was going to shoot, but he felt it was the time. He also stressed in the video that he had mental issues and felt there was no way out.

Jouett was able to get the 45-caliber gun from his father's gun safe, that the entire family had access to. 

Jouett went on to say that the shooting was all his idea and that he acted alone. The sentencing hearing is before Judge James Hudson and is expected to last three to five days.