Faith Leaders Protest Permitless Carry At State Capitol

Monday, February 25th 2019, 6:07 pm
By: News 9

Faith leaders spent Monday at the Capitol to protest a permitless carry bill.

They spent the morning lobbying lawmakers and praying the bill does not pass.

The state Senate is expected to pass a bill Wednesday that will allow Oklahomans to carry a pistol without a license and without the training and background checks that go with it.

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On Monday, faith leaders prayed in front of Gov. Stitt's office.

Permitless carry would do away with the licensing currently required to carry a pistol, but Oklahomans would still have to abide by other laws. For example, felons couldn't carry and you still couldn't carry in police stations or courthouses. Religious leaders say even with those restriction, it wouldn't be safe to carry a gun without proper training and education.

The bill already passed in the House of Representatives and Stitt has indicated he would sign it. Backers of permitless carry say they still encourage people who choose to carry to get proper training.

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