‘She Was Doing What She Loved’: Friend Remembers Plane Crash Victim

Tuesday, March 19th 2019, 11:45 pm
By: News 9

Friends and family of one of the victims killed in a metro plane crash are remembering the skilled pilot as a woman who stood out in a male dominated industry.

After becoming a pilot Britton Lee set her sights on becoming a certified aviation mechanic, spending several months in school before earning her license.

“She has four antique aircraft and she wanted to work on them herself,” said Metro Tech Aviation technical assistant Alvin Zitterkob.

Zitterkob first met Lee soon after she enrolled.

“She was a student here trying to become an aviation mechanic which she did succeed in, very goal-oriented lady,” said Zitterkob.

He said in her short 18 months of schooling, while working on plane engines, she made a lasting impression. So much so, her picture still hangs in the school’s hall.

“She had a smile for everyone, she was enthusiastic about what she did, I wished I had that enthusiasm for life period,” said Zitterkob.

Zitterkob says there's no doubt Lee had a passion for flying.

“Loved to fly, loved airplanes, period. Would talk to anybody anytime they wanted to about it,” said Zitterkob.

He says it's that passion that propelled her to succeed.

“She was doing what she loved,” said Zitterkob.

Then, Monday afternoon, Zitterkob says he was watching the news when the plane crash was reported.

“I watched it on you guys the other day, and you didn't know who they were, and I heard Sundance, and I thought, I hope it's not Britton,” said Zitterkob.

He would later learn that it was Britton Lee and Doug Durning who were both in the plane when it crashed for unknown reasons and flipped.

“It's just sad that the best have got to be taken,” said Zitterkob.

He says his heart goes out to Lee's family.

“I hope her family realized what a great person she was and I’m sure they do,” said Zitterkob.

The Sundance airport remains shutdown as the NTSB continues to investigate.

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