Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Visits Tinker AFB, Talks With Families Concerned With Housing

Thursday, August 1st 2019, 7:09 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

An adviser to the Air Force's top leaders at the Pentagon dropped by Tinker Air Force Base. 

Chief Master Sergeant Kaleth O. Wright met with airmen and women who had concerns about housing on the base. Wright's visit was to also get feedback from airmen and women to take back to the Pentagon. 

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“My goal is to learn a little bit more about the particular mission set that we have at this base,” said Wright. “In order for me to truly do my job, it’s good for me to have an understanding of directly from the airmen I serve.”

For years, base residents said they've been forced to live in unsanitary conditions.

After suspending incentives to privatized housing company Balfour Beatty, the Air Force said local commanders are being trained to make sure complaints are being properly addressed. 

“They've already reduced 400 plus of the kind of critical items that some of our airmen have had issues with,” said Wright.

In July, News 9 introduced you to the Cole's family, a Navy family living in an RV across the street. Wright said he's concerned about the problem.

“If I was one of the residents, I would be the same way,” said Wright. “I would be a little weary of it, but I would ask those residents to put a little bit of trust and faith in the local leadership.”

Hangers for the refueling aircraft KC-46 near completion, a project bringing over 1,000 jobs to the area.

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Wright said the Air Force is still hoping to work with Balfour Beatty Communities LLC, despite serious claims made by base residents.