OKC Business Closed Temporarily Due To Fire Burglarized

Saturday, September 7th 2019, 11:41 pm
By: Erica Rankin

The Cornish Smokehouse hasn’t even been open for a year yet. Chris and Nicole Cornish put everything into their restaurant with their kids. Now, they have to close temporarily after a fire destroyed a vital piece of their business, the smoker.

The couple has vowed not to let this get them down. They have promised to reopen as soon as they can.

But, as they were just starting to do reconstruction thieves struck.

“I knew someone had broken in because the door to the food truck was wide open and that door is always locked,” said Chris.

After all they have been through this shocked the couple.

“It is more devastation, just give us a break, come on guys,” said Chris.

After they looked through their cameras they spotted two people going in and out of the food truck. They were able to get away with thousands worth of appliances.

The couple are hoping that someone might recognize the thieves. But, they are not letting it stop them from moving forward in rebuilding.

“We just move along because I can’t let it cause me any serious setbacks that are detrimental to the business,” said Chris.