Pool Crew Recounts Man's Actions After He Shot, Killed Wife Before Deadly OKC Officer-Involved Shooting

Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 10:33 pm
By: News 9

A pool crew recounts a horrific domestic assault that unfolded right before them

They were working in a Northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood when a man killed his wife. It then turned into a police chase that ended with a deadly officer involved shooting.

“We heard a loud bang and immediately we thought, me and my coworker thought that's a gunshot,” said witness Noe Torres.

Torres was working on a swimming pool, when the sound of gunfire and screams sent him running.

“They were just agonizing in pain, the first one, that's what made us jump out of the pool and go look,” said Torres.

While ducked behind a brick home, Torres and his co-workers watched and recorded.

“It was just so quick, the guy followed her in there, and before he walked in, he shot it again,” said Torres.

Following the initial shot, Torres said more shots rang out.

“Two gunshots followed after that inside the house, the guy just walked out casually and still had the gun in his hand,” said Torres.

After making eye contact with the gunman, Torres said they ran into a line of trees.

“We rushed back here, our crew was inside the pool, we told them get out, let’s go hide because we didn't know what to expect,” said Torres.

Then, after several minutes they emerged to chaos.

“Maybe five minutes it was filled with police, the ambulance got here,” said Torres.              

They later learned the man behind the gun, Quentin Broadus had murdered his wife Caleea with their three children still inside the home.

Those who worked alongside Caleea, a DOC correctional officer, remember her as someone who always strived to be the best.

“Domestic violence happens to everybody, someone you know is a victim of domestic violence and it is a tragedy what happened to her,” said Department of Corrections spokesman Matt Elliot.

Caleea began work with the DOC in 2018, after she was discharged from the Army where she was a sergeant.