Mom Says Son Bullied By Alleged Gang Member At Putnam City School, Upset With Staff's Actions

Thursday, September 19th 2019, 10:24 pm

A Putnam City High School parent is sharing her story, after she reports her son was bullied by an alleged gang member on campus. 

Shannon Hawkins' son is new to Putnam City High School. On Tuesday, September 17 she said she called, and even appeared in person at the high school, to call attention to harassment.

Hawkins said she tried to tell staff that her son was approached about what gang he belonged to. She added, he doesn’t have any affiliation with any gang.

However, she felt that warning went unheard.

“I address my concerns with her at that time. Her name was Ms. Mitchell. It didn't seem she was too interested in my concerns at all,” said Hawkins.

The day after, she said her son was approached by the same student, and the two got into a fight around lunchtime.

Putnam City High School officials told News 9 they are working with law enforcement on the investigation.

A police report from the incident confirms the fight was caught on camera and witnessed by staff.

Investigators reported when school staff tried to break-up the fight, the boys would not stop.

Both were taken into custody, and Hawkins said she’s furious about the district’s actions. She said she tried to prevent this violence, and her son was forced to stand-up for himself.

“It's very frustrating. It's hard. The principal refused to speak to me when I came up there,” said Hawkins. “He (her son) leaves in handcuffs. He has a court date. We have fines to pay. I don't understand.”

Putnam City Schools released this statement:

“School officials and campus police responded to a fight between two students witnessed by school staff. This matter between two students is being handled in accordance with school board policy and city ordinances."

The family said they need more answer and want this to be resolved.

Hawkins’ son was not badly injured, but she did remove him and her other children from the school for their safety.

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