Del City Couple Fears For Safety After Catching Landlord Spray Painting 'Murderer' On Their Garage Door

Monday, September 23rd 2019, 5:56 pm

A Del City couple drove up to their home, only to find their landlord spray painting “murderer” on their garage door. 

Cattima Rabjohn and her husband have been renting from their landlord Deborah Kirk, who is also their neighbor, for nearly two months. Rabjohn said things started out great but slowly got worse.

The morning of Sunday, September 22 took a turn for the worst when, Rabjohn said, they caught Kirk in the act. They found “murderer” spray painted on their garage, and “I was murdered” on the landlord’s garage.

“It doesn’t look good because I have murderer written on my garage door, what does that make me look like?” said Rabjohn.

When Rabjohn confronted Kirk, she said Kirk told her, “you’re going to get yours” and then she drove off before the police arrived.

The police report detailed that the couple has felt unsafe living next to their landlord for quite some time. The couple told police that Kirk would come into their house whenever she wanted, controlled two-way cameras, and more.

Officers asked neighbors to give a statement on Kirk, but the neighbors said, “no, she runs this street.”

“What do I do in this situation?” said Rabjohn. “I feel like if I leave, I am running, but if I stay, I am asking for trouble.”

She has felt unsafe in her house since the incident and fears they will need to move.

But, by sharing her story she hopes that other tenants realize that they have rights if they are in a similar situation.

“The laws are there for a reason, not to feel ashamed or scared,” said Rabjohn. “They are there to stand up and say something because you’re not going to do this to me.”

News 9 tried to reach out to Kirk but was unable to get a hold of her.

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