OKC Attorney Arrested On Federal Charges 24 Hours After Release From Jail

Friday, September 27th 2019, 10:36 pm

Oklahoma City attorney Keegan Harroz appeared in district court on Friday, bonded out of jail but was arrested again Saturday morning. 

According to the arrest warrant, Harroz is now facing federal charges. 

The complaints include, prohibited person in possession of ammunition and selling or otherwise disposing of a firearm to a prohibited person. 

Keegan Harroz is accused of intimidating a witness named Tiffany Eichor, who was found dead in a Beggs home earlier this month.

Eichor was not the only victim; she and her parents were found shot to death on September 7. The front door had been kicked in, and the power was cut to the property. 

Investigators soon suspected Eichor's ex-boyfriend, Barry Titus. The two had a history of domestic violence, and Titus allegedly made "threats to kill the family." 

The attorney that represented him, in that case, was Harroz, his current girlfriend.

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“At this time, she's only charged with intimidation of a witness, and I think it’s a page and a half of the 10-page affidavit, so we're not really concerned with that other than what deals with the intimidation charge,” said Jarrod Stevenson, Harroz’s Attorney.

Although, documents filed in Texas associate Harroz, Titus and two others with the murder.

As for the intimidation claim, Harroz allegedly asked two people for their help.

The warrant states a witness told investigators Harroz asked him to send a document to Titus' ex-lover in January.

Then, months later one of Harroz's clients, who was facing a drug charge in a separate case, said she asked him to "plant" fake drugs at the victim's home.

Documents state “powdered sugar” was placed in a box and left on the doorstep for law enforcement to find.

Fast forward to this month, and detectives believe Harroz and Titus planned a trip to Texas from "September 6th" to the "10th" as an alibi. The trip needed to be approved by the Department of Corrections because Titus was on probation.

Deputies said on the day of the murder, September 7, a car similar to Harroz’s Lexus appeared on surveillance video near the crime scene. Two people were pictured getting out of the vehicle and both were wearing masks and gloves.

After the murder, the suspect car was seen heading on Highway 75 toward Texas. Investigators allege there was plenty of time for the couple to travel to commit the killings.

Harroz's house and office have since been checked for evidence. She bonded out of jail earlier Friday, September 27, on a reduced bond of $150,000, and was wearing an ankle monitor. Harroz was arrested on federal charges Saturday morning. The charges have not been given at this time.