Police: Suspect Stalked, Robbed Woman At MWC Bank After She Won Thousands At Casino

Monday, September 30th 2019, 11:21 pm
By: News 9

Investigators are searching for a man accused of stalking and robbing a woman of more than $20,000.  

Police said the suspect followed the victim from Riverwind Casino to her bank in Midwest City. An arrest warrant shows he could have gotten away with much more. 

The victim's cash was split into two envelopes, but the thief only managed to get away with one.

According to court documents, the victim hit pay dirt September 26, winning just over $46,000 Riverwind Casino. But before she had the chance to spend it, police said she was robbed of over half her winnings.

Officers said the woman had no idea that as she collected her money, a man later identified as Damon Redd was lurking and watching. As she exited the casino and got into her car, he followed close behind.

The woman drove directly to a bank in Midwest City. She told police Redd jumped into her car and grabbed the envelopes she had stashed under her shirt. The man told her " he had a gun."

As Redd got into his vehicle, the woman ran after him and "reached into the window to try and get her money back.”    

As she struggled to grab one of the envelopes, Redd started to "accelerate as she was still hanging halfway out of the vehicle."  

While the woman was thrown to the pavement, she was not injured.

Surveillance video confirmed the woman's account.

According to police, Redd showed his ID to a blackjack dealer prior to the incident and was quickly identified.

Court records show Redd has been convicted of multiple felony charges, including robbery and possession of drugs with the intent to distribute.