Canadian Co. Investigators Searching For Man Accused Of Shooting Woman After She Refused Sex

Wednesday, October 2nd 2019, 7:05 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Canadian County Sheriff’s investigators are looking for a dangerous man who, they said, tried to kill a woman when she refused to have sexual contact with him. 

Police said the suspect shot the woman then tried to run her over. But not before she got a good look at him and his unique truck.

Investigators said it’s a silver Dodge one-ton four-door with black wheels, cab lights and tinted windows. What makes it stand out -- it has a flatbed with welding gear mounted about a foot and a half behind the cab of the truck.


Suspect Vehicle

“Most of the welders build their own beds anyway. Having one that has this offset a foot and a half from the cab is a little unique. A lot of times they try to save their bed space and they keep it up close to the cab. So, having that, that’s a very unique feature on it,” said Sgt. Scott Kendrick of the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office.

Police said the driver picked up the victim near the corner of Meridian and Enterprise way in Oklahoma City near Interstate 40 September 16.

The two didn’t know each other, according to investigators. 

After she got in the truck, police said the suspect pulled out a gun and drove her to a remote area near Northwest 23rd and Gregory and demanded sex.

She refused.

“At that time, the suspect demanded that she get out of the vehicle, he fired two rounds striking the victim with one of the rounds. And then as the victim was trying to escape, the suspect tried to run her over with the vehicle,” said Kendrick.

The woman, who police are not identifying, walked about a mile to get help. She also got a pretty good description of her attacker.

“A white male in his mid-40s with she described it as a pot belly. So, a little heavy set maybe. He had stubble for a goatee, and also was balding but had stubble where the rest of his hair was growing,” Kendrick said.

Investigators said he also had a tattoo of a flame on his left wrist or forearm.

If the guy is a welder, police said he might be a contractor and from out of the area. But they said somebody somewhere will probably recognize him or his truck. 

If you have any information, call Canadian County investigators.