6-Year-Old Girl With Police Photo Collection Becomes Honorary Officer

Monday, October 14th 2019, 7:22 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

A young girl in Oklahoma City has so much admiration for police officers, she began a project to collect photos with them.

Lola Mitchell’s father said he wanted to teach his six-year-old daughter that police officers keep kids like her safe.

“I want her to know that they're always here to help us and they're never going to hurt you. You can always trust a police officer,” Ricky Mitchell said.

That safety lesson became a hobby.

Everywhere they went, Ricky started taking photos of Lola with police officers.

The photos were shared on social media, then made their way up the ladder to the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The chief took notice and invited Lola to headquarters, the Southwest Station and even to view the department’s helicopter.

“To see someone at age six know that we really are here to help them makes such a huge difference, and if she can just impact one or two kids at her school, it just helps our future of the department,” Lt. JoAnn Bennett said.

The future of the department is something Lola is also thinking about.

She hopes to be a K-9 officer herself.