Carina Saunders Family Hopeful Documentary Provides Break In Case

Tuesday, October 15th 2019, 5:26 am
By: News 9

The family of Carina Saunders is hopeful a break in the case will come 8 years after her murder.

Authorities believe the 19-year-old was kidnapped, taken to an abandoned house and tortured to death.

While those close to the case believe it resembles that of a scary novel, Saunders’ family is working to make a film that is expected to be disseminated on a national scale.

“I made it this far and I cant give up now... it can't get any worse because the worst has happened,” Margie Queen said.
Saunders disappeared in October 2011. Nearly a week passed before her body was found in a duffle bag in a field behind a grocery store in Bethany.
Bethany Police investigated the case for nearly a year — revealing she’d been maliciously murdered. Court records indicated she was most likely kidnapped and tortured to death.
The Oklahoma State Bureau of investigation took over the case nearly a year after the killing amid a major shakeup in the case — including the catch and release of potential suspects.
“For the people that did it I really, really hope that they are not comfortable and I really hope they don't think that people are going to forget,” said Joshua Vargas.
Vargas, like many over the years, first took an interest in the case because the killers are still walking free.
“I am a filmmaker...this is what I do. It is the biggest ace in my deck for helping the family,” said Vargas.

The filmmaker is based in Texas and has scheduled several trips to Oklahoma To conduct interviews.

“I plan to talk with anyone closely affiliated with the case or those who knew her before this tragedy,” said Vargas.
Vargas has teamed up with the family to create a documentary about Carina Saunders' life and death - one they hope will bring in new leads.
“I think it will put the case back out there nationwide. There are people who have fled the state and are either directly connected or loosely connected with what happened to her (Carina),” said Queen.
The documentary is in the early stages of development. So, there is not an exact date for its release.

Queen says maybe it will keep the killers guessing just as she’s had to do the last eight years.

She left a message for her daughter’s killer(s) saying, “You cant run away. you'll have to be looking over your shoulder because someone is going to be there,” said Queen
The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is still actively investigating the case.

If you have any information that could help solve the case the OSBI tipline is 1-899-522-8017 or email