OKC Apartment Complex Growing Tired Of Neglected Neighboring Property, Claims City Not Addressing Complaints

Wednesday, October 23rd 2019, 7:03 pm
By: Karl Torp

A Northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex claims the neglect at the property next door is dangerous for children. The complex said the complaints about the tall grass and debris that has been dumped illegally seems to be falling on deaf ears. 

The empty lot at 7601 Melrose Lane has grass taller than six feet in some spots. It covers mounds of concrete and other debris that has been dumped illegally over the years.

“Could it be stray animals, wildlife, a sexual predator, we don’t know,” property manager Jennifer Griffin warned OKC City Council Tuesday about what could be hiding in the grass.

Griffin works for the Michaels Organization, which manages the London Square Village Apartments right across from the overgrown lot.

Griffin said school children catch the bus in front of the lot, and it’s tough for drivers to see the children because of the tall grass. She has complained about the property several times and said the City hasn’t done anything about the problem.

The majority of the more than two dozen complaints to the action center about the property over the years are listed as “closed,” meaning the issue has been resolved.

“Clearly this hasn’t be abated,” said Griffin.

The City is now investigating why complaints are listed as “closed” online, even though it appears they weren’t resolved.

The City had inspectors at 7601 Melrose Wednesday, who saw the tall grass and illegal dumping for themselves.

The City told News 9 the owner has until Oct 29 to clean-up the property or foot bill for city contractors to do the work.