OK2A Releases Statement After Man Seen Carrying AR-15 In OKC Area

Wednesday, November 6th 2019, 1:33 pm
By: News 9

It has been less than a week since Oklahoma's permitless carry law went into effect and a group supporting the law released a statement after a man was seen in public with an AR-15. 

A few days after the law went effect, a man was seen going around in public with an AR-15. 

The man was self-proclaimed Second Amendment auditor Timothy Harper who posted a video of himself carrying an AR-15. This has caused concerns for people who have seen him in public. 

One video showed him walking with an AR-15 in state Rep. Jason Lowe's Oklahoma City district. Lowe was a vocal opponent of the law. 

Lowe said he believes Harper went to his district for one reason: To intimidate black people.

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One proponent for the new law is the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A). 

The Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association have unanimously agreed to the following statement:

"While we support a person’s right to keep and bear arms, we acknowledge the right may stop at the discretion of the private property business owner.

"Mr. Harper is NOT a member of OK2A and has never had any authority to use or represent OK2A at any time. His actions to draw attention to himself while escalating tensions for profit of a social media platform is uncalled for, unwise, and does not hold to the values of the Board of Directors of OK2A or the majority of Oklahomans. His claim to any such authority with OK2A is FALSE.

"For over six months, OK2A has requested multiple times that Tim Harper agree to stop conducting these so called “audits” of the First and Second Amendments while openly carrying firearms into private business property and some public property areas.

"The position of OK2A is that these audits are unwarranted unless there has been a previously established problem.

"While the state of Oklahoma continues to adjust to the new law of constitutional carry, we request gun owners and those who exercise this right to respect the concerns of business owners and the general public while adjusting to the return of this basic liberty.

"Mr. Harper’s continued antics and disregard for private property rights, as well as his needless escalation of concerns and tensions with citizens and law enforcement, continue to draw a negative response to the protection of our rights to keep and bear arms.  

"Mr. Harper has been informed that he has been permanently banned from current and future OK2A membership and use of any of its electronic or social media platforms.

"We would also like to remind the residents of the state of Oklahoma there are more than 400,000 gun owners that do not carry firearms to draw such negative attention and elevate the concerns of citizens. Don’t let one person be considered the norm for Oklahoma gun owners."

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