OMRF Studying Effect Of Age On Muscle Loss

Thursday, November 14th 2019, 9:51 am
By: News 9

A grant from the office of Veterans Affairs is helping scientist at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation find new ways to treat muscle loss as we grow older. 
The research focuses specifically on sarcopenia which is muscle loss related to old age. While most people take this as a natural part of life, the researchers here believe they can slow down the process.

Sarcopenia is a major problem for veterans with more than half  of them older the age of 60 feeling its effects. Thanks to a $650 thousand grant from VA, scientists here at OMRF said that a new kind of treatment they've been researching could be the difference maker. 

So far they've studied its viability using older mice. The mice that were treated had significantly more muscle mass and strength than the ones who didn't. Researchers said they know know it works, the next step is refining the treatment so they can start human trials. 

"I think if we can intervene in this process it will have a beneficial effect on everyone for quality of life," said Dr. Holly Van Remmen from the OMRF.

The scientists said while bringing the treatment to humans is one of their main goals, they first need to work with different pharmaceutical companies so they can refine it even further.