News 9 Poll Shows Strong Support For MAPS 4

Monday, December 2nd 2019, 7:49 pm
By: Karl Torp

Exclusive News 9 polling shows victory for the MAPS 4 penny sales tax is likely December 10.

According to the News 9 poll, using Sooner Poll, MAPS 4 has 72.6% support.

Of the 401 registered voters questioned 19.9% strongly or somewhat oppose MAPS 4 and 7.5% of those polled don’t know.

Projects like the mental health crisis center, youth centers, wellness centers, and a new home for Palomar, which helps victims of domestic abuse, all have well over 80% support.

“I think the mayor and city leadership, early on, keyed in that people want MAPS for people and not MAPS of projects,” said Sooner Poll CEO Bill Shapard.

The $37 million multi-use stadium has 60% support according to the poll results.

The MAPS 4 project with the least support is the $115 million renovation to Chesapeake Energy Arena that polled at 58% support.

“There is no poison pill,” said Shapard about possible projects that could potentially doom the MAPS 4 vote.

See below for the entire poll and the demographics of the 401 questioned.