Family Meets With First Responders Who Saved 28-Day-Old Baby

Thursday, December 12th 2019, 6:03 pm

When Cooper Mueller was more than a month old, he had a fight for his life on September 18, 2018.

His mom, Paige Mueller, was feeding him his bottle when she noticed he wasn’t acting like himself. Minutes later, he became pale and his lips went blue.

As she panicked, she called 911 for help. First responders came within minutes. As they checked Cooper out, they noticed his heart rate was through the roof. They had to use electricity to stabilize his heart.

“Firefighters came up to me and told me they had to shock his heart,” said Paige Mueller.

Paramedics said if Paige Mueller had waited another five minutes, Cooper might not be here today. But, they said shocking Cooper’s heart at such a young age was a bit unnerving.

“It is very intimidating to do that on a tiny, 4-week-old baby,” said Jessica Garrett, one of the paramedics who helped Cooper.

On Thursday, the paramedics, firefighters and the Muellers had a reunion, so Cooper could meet the men and women who saved him that day.

“To be able to see him now is completely materializes everything we worked hard and went to school for,” said Garrett. “It is all worth it for moments like this.”

Paige Mueller is hoping they will be able to have a reunion like this every year for Cooper to never forget.

“I am hoping that if we keep doing this every year, I can explain to him these people saved your life,” said Paige Mueller. “That he will also understand how precious life is, there was so much that could’ve gone wrong, like if we would have waited another five minutes to call he might not be here today.”  

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