Family Looks For Answers 3 Years After Luther Couple Killed By Michael Vance

Thursday, December 12th 2019, 7:53 pm

The holidays are tough when you've lost a loved one. For family members of Kay and Ron Wilkson, this will be the fourth Christmas since the couple was murdered by Michael Vance.  

"I just want answers as to what happened that day," said Evelyn Prince. 

Prince is the youngest child of Ron and Kay Wilkson, the Luther couple murdered by Vance on October 23, 2016.  

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Prince visited her parents earlier that day to drop off medication for her youngest son who intended to spend the night with his grandparents. But in an unusual move, she decided to take him home. 

"I'm very thankful that I listened to that voice, because I firmly believe I would have buried both my parents and my son that day," she said.

That evening, as news of the shootout between Michael Vance and Wellston police spread, Prince's sister called concerned about their parents.

Prince started calling and texting her mom and dad but no one answered. She and two of her aunts all say they called 911 asking police to check on Ron and Kay, but she said it was her brother who discovered Vance's car in front of her mom and dad's house.

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"He said that he had pulled in, there's a white car here with a blue top. But mom's car is gone," Prince said. "And my heart sank because I seen on the news that that was the description of the vehicle."

According to court documents, it was nearly an hour after Prince and her family suspected something was wrong until law enforcement arrived at their parents home. The tactical team was deployed and a robot was sent in. That's when the body of Prince's father was discovered on the sidewalk outside his house.

Agents entered the house and found Prince's mother dead in her favorite chair.  

Meanwhile, Prince and other family members say they were separated, kept far away from the house, and not given any information until late into the night. 

"We're being held in a road block instead of being able to be together as a family," she said. "Finally, my brother told us that our parents was (sic) gone and I heard my sister let out the worst cry that I've ever heard in my life."

Prince now wears a pennant around her neck with her father's ashes and her mother's picture. 

Because Vance was killed by police, there was no trial and very little answers.

She's spent the last three years trying to figure out why they were targeted, why officers didn't respond to repeated calls to check on them and what happened at the original shootout in Wellston that Vance was able to escape in a police car begin his crime spree.

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District Attorney David Prater said he thought officers acted appropriately the night the Wilksons were killed.

He explained it was a chaotic situation, there was an active shooter, law enforcement didn't know where Vance was or who he was communicating with, and they were just trying to make sure no one else got hurt.  

News 9's requested the investigative reports from the Wilkson double-murder and the Wellston officer-involved shooting, but were told they are not public record. 

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