Woman Rescued From SW OKC Apartment Fire, Arrested On Arson Complaint

Monday, December 16th 2019, 10:47 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

A woman screamed for help as a fire grew inside a metro apartment. After a good Samaritan rescued her, police arrested her.

About 10:30 a.m. Sunday, Ashley Johnson, 32, was arrested after a fire that started at Southwood Apartments, 508 SW 59th St.

John Lowery was with friends in the apartment below when they heard screams for help. He rushed upstairs and broke a window to make his way inside.

“There was thick, black smoke," Lowery said. “We could see the fire was coming from the bedroom and after that we went back outside to get quick breath of air.”

Lowery stepped back inside and discovered what appeared to be a bag of clothes on fire and a woman who allegedly locked herself inside a bathroom. 

“I had to kick the door open, feel along the wall to find the bathroom and open the bathroom door,” said Lowery. “There was a lady in the bathroom and she comes running out, grabs me by my arm and says ‘Let’s go, we got to go.’”

There was a reason Johnson was ready to leave.

“According to the landlords at this apartment complex, that was actually a vacant apartment, and nobody should of been inside,” said Oklahoma City police Sgt. Megan Morgan.

A smell of smoke still filled the air, and residents are thankful flames didn't spread.

Police think Johnson was with another African American man who ran off, according to witnesses.

Johnson was arrested on complaints of arson and burglary.

Anyone with information about this cause is asked to call the Oklahoma City police at 405-235-7300.