Couple's Adorable 'Family Feud' Inspired Christmas Proposal Goes Viral

Friday, December 27th 2019, 12:56 pm
By: News 9

"Name a day a woman always dreams of?" 

That's the question one man in North Carolina used to begin a "Family Feud" inspired game that ended with a proposal. 

Joshua Powell, from Fayetteville, proposed to his now-fiancé, Kiana Myrick, while playing a "Family Feud" style game with their family at a Christmas party. Powell asked Myrick a series of wedding-related, rapid-fire questions, such as, "Name something a woman wears all-white to."

He eventually worked his way to the final question. "How would you finish this: Will you marry me?" 

After a few seconds, a laughing Myrick said, "Yes, I will?" She appeared to believe the question was still part of the game, facing away from Powell to continue playing. 

"I just put my head down and kind of just focused, it didn't even dawn on me that he was about to propose," Myrick told CBS News affiliate WNCN

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Only after he got down on one knee did she get emotional, wiping away tears with her Christmas sweater. 

"I love you with all of my heart," Powell said during the proposal. "A lot of people may say we're young. I say, 'Life is too short.'" 

After the video was posted to Facebook, it garnered more than 1.6 million views. 

Powell told WNCN he first met Myrick in high school, in their freshman history class eight years ago. 

"It was like a light in the room," Powell said. "As soon as I saw her I said, 'OK, I have to get to know her.'"

They later went to prom and won a high school pageant together. 

Powell said in his proposal he's looking forward to spending "88 more" years with Myrick. 

Powell's mother, who posted the viral video, recently battled breast cancer, and he wanted to make sure she would be there for the big day. 

The couple plan to get married in 2021, after they both graduate college. According to their Facebook pages, Powell is studying criminal justice at North Carolina A&T State University and Myrick studies at the Duke University School of Nursing. 

They said their shared faith is an integral part of their relationship. 

"With our faith and how strong we believe in God and Him being able to pull us through everything that we go through, I feel like other people if they have that same faith and same belief then they can succeed at anything that they want to do," Myrick said.