Here's Why You've Got To Watch This FB Live On The Aftermath Of OU/TX

Thursday, October 11th 2018, 12:50 am
By: Dean Blevins

If you were too young to know, or new to our state, or have been hiding under a rock, something happened this weekend that continues a drama-filled pattern that’s been ongoing since the calendar year of 1900.

And that would be -- drumroll please – the contentious aftermath resulting to yet another of the 113th football games contested between the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas.

Specifically, controversy, speculation, brawls, alleged brawls, humans going bonkers, humans allegedly going bonkers. And a wheelbarrow full of accusations, annually accompanied by inevitable and contentious denials. All spontaneously happening amongst the sporting citizenry. Why, you ask? The Sooners lost a football game, I answer. To the Longhorns. 48 to 45.

Since the final gun sounded off last Saturday afternoon in Dallas, contested once again in the renowned old beaut of a stadium called the Cotton Bowl, yours truly has slept a grand total of 14 hours. Why, you ask? Because, I answer. If you want to truly report on all of the shenanigans that took place during the game, at halftime, in the postgame locker room, and any number of football offices in Norman, OK, and boardrooms no telling where, rest is a non-sequitur. I think that means a non-starter.

Therefore …. It is with that background that we held a Facebook Live give-and-take session this evening – our second since the gridiron gambit, that has resulted in a sigh of relief along with a predictable cocksure proclamation from Longhorns everywhere, of ‘Lookout baby, here we come!’ from Texas.

And as you’ll see in this attached exchange of ideas, questions and opinions, along with a cry from Sooners of ‘what the heck just happened – get a rope.’

Some of the above might be a stretch, but it’s my introduction nonetheless, to a half hour of fun. Please enjoy! DB